Overview of DHI


The future of oil and gas production in North America is efficient Water Management. Down Hole Injection’s (DH) down hole water separation and disposal technologies are cutting edge and the future for environmentally safe and economical water management in the Oil and Gas industry.

DHI technologies are being used to solve difficult problems associated with declining oil and gas production and increasing volumes of produced water.
DHI will increase and extend economical oil and gas production through the use of proprietary technologies that solve chronic water management issues. DHI’s solutions address important environmental concerns and reduce operating costs.

Since 1995, DHI has been developing and improving specialized down hole water separation technologies for the oil and gas industry. DHI’s patented Down Hole Gas Water Separation (DGWS) technology and Down Hole Oil Water Separation (DOWS) technology can economically extend the lives of producing wells and increase recoverable oil and gas reserves.

These technologies have gone through several generations of development and utilize a unique Reverse Flow Injection (RFI) process to dispose of produced water in the same wellbore – never bringing the contaminated fluid to the surface.

New Product & Service Highlights


Downhole Gas and Water Separation (DGWS)

Downhole Three Phase Separation (DTPS)

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) for Beam Pumping Units

Oilfield DGWS/DTPS Automation

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